Kat's Dance Academy - Show Info
Kat's Dance Academy - Dance classes - Ballet - Tap - Freestyle ages 3 to 12*

KATS DANCE ACADEMY – SHOW INFO            Updated 11th March 2019
Venue - Heywood Civic Centre
LCpl Stephen Shaw MC Way, Heywood OL10 1LW

Sat 2nd  Feb 2019                  Sandon House *                Costume Alterations 
Sat 9th  Feb 2019                   Sandon House *                Class photo 
Sat 16th March 2019              Sandon House                   Parents to collect costumes
Sat 16th March 2019              Trinity Methodist Church    2pm - 3.30pm Finale Day
Sun 24th March 2019             Dress Rehearsal                3pm      Heywood Civic Centre
Fri 29th March 2019               Show                                  5.30pm Heywood Civic Centre
Sat 30th March 2019              Show                                  5.30pm Heywood Civic Centre

* Finale day all classes at 2pm instead of the normal class times 


** Dress Rehearsal ** We are hoping to be finished by 6.30pm we will update the groups on the day to arrange collection. 
Civic have said we can leave the costumes in the dressing rooms till the weekend 
Please note all parents will be running through the collection process on dress rehearsal when they pick their child up so everyone know for the nights of the show, as we will need parents to sign.
We are unable to accommodate parents at the venue on dress rehearsal. 

** Class Photo taken on 9th Feb has been sent over to the printers for the programme*

All children's names and ages are being sent over to Rochdale Council week commencing Monday 11th Feb 2019

All parents will be completing the following disclaimer on Sat 16th March on costume collection date 
Child is fit to perform 
No absent from school due to the performance
Child has not performed on more than 3 days in the last 6 months 
Costumes any that are not returned in the same condition costume costs will apply
NO PHOTOS of costumes on social media before the show weekend 
Children are performing both Friday and Sat night and dress rehearsal, therefore your child will not need a ticket for the show 
Myself and the Kat’s Dance Academy committee have been working hard to arrange our show. 

Please can you read all info before sending a message
We have been looking at Costumes for the show, as this is a big part of planning.
Up to now we are not charging for costumes  Please note this may change in the future This is possible because we are using some of the funding money we received, plus my mum is kindly letting us use some of her stock


You will need to provide your child with following  
Leotard in Group Colour 
Tap and Ballet shoes
White socks 
Black socks 
Kat’s Dance jacket in group or hoodie in the group colour
Black leggings Plain ones 
Little stars / Juniors classes only ( Blue and Purple Group ) - white pumps 
Seniors only - Black Hip Hop Shoes

ICON Website for Jackets and Hoodies https://iconsports.co.uk/kats-dance
All the show preparations are run on a voluntary basis by myself and the committee, and therefore parent’s support would be appreciated. 
Please note that any child missing any items will mean they will not be able to take part in the number they are needed for.
All pupils must arrive on dress rehearsal and both show nights with hair in a low bun (at the back of the neck) and make up on (foundation, blue eye shadow and red lipstick
ALL pupils must ensure that names are on all uniform and shoes, as you can appreciate with lots of pupils in the same colour it can be difficult if names are not on. We take no responsibility for any losses
For the younger RED and BLUE groups please bring a dressing gown for your children, they have some time between numbers so we want to keep them nice and warm
All pupils will be provided with drinks & Crisps on both dress rehearsal and show nights so please don't send any food or drink as we don't want to risk any spillages on costumes
Parents are not allowed backstage, unless on the dance parents backstage rota with a valid DBS

Adults dancers are on the 2 half of the show and as some adults dancers are dance mums so they can watch their child in the show
You will need to provide  
Black trousers
Black long sleeve shirt
Black V Neck T shirt 
We will provide braces and hats

Hair in a low bun / tied back

Dressing room will be provided
Show will be filmed and you can order a copy at the show 


£7.50 Per Person 

We also need support selling tickets, as this will help with costumes going forward. 
Telephone: 0300 303 8633
Box Office hours -Tuesdays to Fridays 9am to 4.30pm

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