Kat's Dance Academy - Adult Classes
Kat's Dance Academy - Dance classes - Ballet - Tap - Freestyle ages 3 to 12*

Adult Classes 

Please call 07834816829 for a place  

Monday Tap Fusion 7/8 pm Sandon House-Tap Fusion  - Learn the art of tap dancing to great music

Ballet & Fitness  - Ballet with exercise and fitness

Tuesday Ballet Fitness Class 7/8pm Sandon House
Ballet and fitness for all abilities, with routines and posture work.  Great Music with a fun and relax programme

We recommend you have Ballet shoes we can provide for £10.00

Please call or text to arrange a booking or to check dates 07834816829 Michelle 

Payment will be arrange via Bank Transfer or on the one off payment tab

Just to confirm we are arranging these classes in small block sessions 5/6 weeks at a time for the following reasons 

 We can only confirm the room dates in 6 week period due Sandon House having a few adhoc bookings already booked. 

 We also wanted to make sure people could avoid feeling like they had to commit for a long period and then feeling awkward having to say they didn’t want to come any more 

 Also it give people the option to do ie ballet for a block session then switch it to tap for the following one 

 Block sessions also gives us the option to have a week or so break ie Xmas

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